and Return Policy



You may cancel your DUX Bed order at no cost at any point before it ships from our facility. Once your order is in transit, cancellation may incur a return shipping fee up to $450. Likewise, refused deliveries will incur a return shipping fee.



Informed by our devotion to product longevity and our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, The DUX Bed is non-returnable once delivered. 
US mattress laws vary state to state with regard to returned and used mattress but the fact is most end up in landfills. We find that this contribution to The Mattress Recycling Council finding that approximately 15-20 million mattresses and box springs are disposed of each year is simply unsustainable.

We stand firmly by our product and have spent over 90 years on research and technological innovations to ensure the bed not only stands the test of time, but offers customizable technologies to suit each individual's unique and changing needs.  Our innovative component design ensures that every DUX bed can not only be restored as it shows wear, but can be improved with the release of new accessories and technological innovations.

This, coupled with the highest-quality materials results in a bed that is made to last. And, simply put, the longer a bed lasts the fewer will end up in landfills.  Small wonder that The DUX Bed is commonly passed down from generation to generation in Sweden.



We understand this is an important decision and urge you to take the time to do the research. 

If you are a first-time DUX customer, visiting a DUXIANA retail store is the best way to choose your perfect bed. You can find a list of DUXIANA locations here:  Additionally, we have luxury hotel partners in every corner of the world – from The Burj Al Arab in Dubai to the Grand Hotel in Stockholm – that have a DUX Bed in every room.  Spend the night with one of our partners and we’ll give you up to $500 off your stay if you buy the bed as a result. For a list of hotels with DUX beds visit:

We are confident you will be happy with your purchase and look forward to a long and healthy relationship.  If you have any additional questions or concerns about our return policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-752-7204, Monday – Friday, 9am–5pm CT or email us at